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Story Synopsis

Based on the real-life Lights Out movement, this inspirational picture book shows how even the smallest of actions, like flipping a switch, can make a big difference in helping migrating birds.

When the seasons change and it’s time for a flock of sparrows to move on, a map made of stars guides their way. But when they reach the city, light pollution masks the map and confuses the birds. One sparrow becomes separated from the flock. A girl rescues the lost sparrow and decides to take action so this doesn’t happen again.

She rallies a group of friends, and together they encourage people all over the city to help the sparrows by turning off their lights at night. But will the city be ready by the time the flock return?

"A feel-good story of a successful children’s campaign to make the world safer for birds."

Kirkus Reviews

"An enlightening picture book for bird lovers."


“My Nana was an avid bird lover and taught me to care for the birds and natural world around me. I believe Lights Out will do the same for so many young readers, encouraging them to do their part to reduce light pollution and help care for all our winged friends.”

Catherine L., Editor, on Lights Out

How to Purchase

Lights Out will release Spring 2024. You can preorder at the links below.

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